Those who have read my articles on Gods Of Our Ancestors, The Divinity Of Man, The Divine Feminine, and others besides, may be able to understand me when I talk of the Divinity and creation. The Divine realm has been talked about in various religious literature. It is the realm where knowing Animals, four in number, guard the “Throne” of God-namely, the Ram, The Lion, The Eagle and The Bull. Almost every major religion recognizes this and either talks about or hints it. It is the realm that has the upper part of it as the abode of the aforesaid Animals, and the terminal point at the place where a small number of elders reside. These Elders, or Eternal Ones, were seen by John The Baptist in the Christian Book of Revelations. For more understanding of this, read my article on the authorship of that book.

At that same summit that the living Animals reside, there are also a small number of Archangels. Some of their names have become household names-like Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and so on. These are beings with no will of their own, and only acts out the will of God. As part of their being, they express this lack of Personal Will in the fact that they possess wings, or pinions. Each has a specific duty to perform for God the Lord. For example, Michael is the leader of Warriors of the Light, while Gabriel is the announcer.That was why Gabriel was the one to announce to Mary the incarnation of a part of Divinity through her in the person of Jesus Christ. It is He also who, through cosmic radiations, blows the Trumpets of the Last Judgement that the earth is already experiencing its final phase He it is that directs the seven executive beings that are blowing the Trumpets one after the other, until we currently are in the midst of the last one. After that, according to revelation of John, the seven Angels will line up to pour the vials containing the anger of God one after the other. 833 angel number

In every plain of the Divine, there exists Angels, and in every plain of creation, we also have Angels. But the worlds of Matter, which is only a bye-product of creation, harbors no Angels, though the forces of the elements are surfeit with their own version of winged beings, like, for example, Fairies. These have no will of their own, but only swing in Nature, which is another way of saying they are completely Natural, or work entirely in the Will of God. Others have a part of their inner core as spiritual, and hence they posses no pinions. This includes the gnomes and tree elves-the masculine aspect of flower elves-and others like gnomes, mermaids and mermen.

Besides, in the higher realms, there are also spiritual children, who may have been seen in visions. However, the Cherubs and seraphs, with their pinions, are not to be classified as these, since they are without a will of their own, as seen by the fact that they possess wings.

The human spirits on earth have the ability to create forms in their brain thoughts and the thoughts of their souls, which manifests as intuition. When these thoughts are from the spirit, we have benevolent entities if the thoughts are good, but Demons are created when the thoughts are evil. These Demons and entities are attached to their author and can cause him grievous harm, unless a counter form of courage is produced to dispel it. They feed on the form of fear. The primitive medicine men, who are actually clairvoyants, know this and advice their patients on courage-instilling exorcism.But modern day pastors feed on the forms of hatred and fear. When these forms are from the brain they create phantoms, which is weaker but does not remain so when fed constantly.

And some will ask: what of Lucifer? Is he not an Archangel, though he has no wings? He was with wings until he sank and became the strongest spirit in matter. I partly discussed his issue in my article The Divine Feminine.


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